Shoaled Volga scared of Russians


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Record the shallowing of the Volga river has worried the local population and environmentalists. Fishermen and environmental activists are called on to save the pond.

Edition posted a video of a resident of Tatarstan Nikolai Ilyin, an appeal to the government and his colleagues to take a bucket of water and pour it in place the shallows of the Volga. He noted that in 2019, introduced new fishing rules, which is difficult to follow in connection with the shallowing of the river. “You are actively fined for violation of fishing, the violation of the size of fish caught. And it’s not a violation?” — said Ilyin.

As reported by “Челны24”, local residents in social networks complained of a decrease in water level in the Kama river and in the Kuibyshev reservoir. People expressed concern that the shallowing could cause ecological disaster. Someone lamented the fact that the government is monitoring the situation, and punishes the fishermen for non-compliance. “The five fisherman, fish net caught — him in jail, threatening to put. Millions of eggs on the banks of wither no one will answer,” wrote local residents.

The problem also touched Ulyanovsk, Kostroma, Tver and Astrakhan regions. According to the “Kazan reporter”, the water level in the Kuibyshev reservoir reached 50 meters while the minimum standard of 53 meters. As told by the experts, the water from the reservoir began to drop, fearing the flood. As a result, the water left in the soil and the rivers have not been filled.

The fall of the water level, according to conclusions of experts, also due to the mild winter, record-high temperatures in the spring and passage of water for agriculture and fishery needs of the regions that are lower along the Volga.

The community activists “Volga and the people against” issued an appeal to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, human rights organizations and “for all the presidents, who are concerned about the ecology of the planet” with a request to conduct an investigation in relation to the authorities of Tatarstan, which “made an environmental crime on the Volga once again”.
In addition, on the eve of may holidays the meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Kazan the Chairman of the Committee on budget, taxes and Finance Leonid Yakunin has raised the issue of shallowing of the rivers and recalled that “the middle of the Kazanka already overgrown with grass.” He also noted the deterioration of water quality in rivers.

May 14, the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov has charged to create working group to combat illegal construction on the banks of the Volga. He drove along the coastline and saw the facilities under construction, after which said work must stop in the shortest possible time.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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