SK filed a case on the genocide of the civilians of the Latvian punitive war


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Russian investigators opened a criminal case on the genocide of civilians during counter-insurgency operations in 1942-1943. On Tuesday, may 14, reported on the website of the Investigative Committee.

As noted, the basis for excitation of business was the burial of the great Patriotic war, discovered in may by volunteers “Search movement of Russia” in Novgorod region. They had found the remains of 42 people, including a pregnant woman and three children.

The dead were victims of the punitive operations that were carried out during the occupation of the village of Tin Hill at that time Leningrad, and now — Novgorod region. In the archival documents preserved information about that mass killing of civilians in those years was formed by a special “telecomanda”, whose members were shot or in other ways dealt with women, children, and Soviet POWs.

Punitive, specified in the message, there were 33 native of the Latvian SSR. At the time they were not brought to justice, and disappeared, went to the US, Canada or Germany. Just led a group of Duke Kurt was sentenced by the Military Tribunal of the Leningrad military district in December 1947 for “the brutal massacre of Soviet citizens.”

In the framework of the investigation of the genocide initiated by the Investigative Committee, will be created a data Bank of DNA for identification of the deceased citizens.

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