The act of Daenerys in the fifth series of “Game of thrones” fans angry


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Fans of “Game of thrones” criticized the actions of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in the fifth series of the final season. Many expressed their outrage on Twitter.

Attention! The following are spoilers for the fifth episode of the eighth season of “Game of thrones”.

In this episode of the fantasy Saga troops Daenerys storming king’s landing, which defends the Queen Cersei (Lena heady). Dragon Daenerys kills “Scorpions” and the walls, after which the soldiers Cersei surrendering. In the town bells ring — a signal that the city was taken, and that Daenerys should withdraw the dragon. Instead, she decides to burn the city, and Cersei dies in the basement of his castle.

“Daenerys is not my favorite character in “Game of thrones”, but if she gets killed in the next episode as the Mad King, I’ll be very angry,” wrote user @BagusTriCahyon6.

“We can pretend the last two episodes never happened? Great acting, horrible script. Daenerys deserves more. Cersei deserves a better death,” wrote @BethanMat.

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