The guy took revenge on the users of the network spoilers to “Game of thrones” and was punished


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Streamer Destiny, whose real name is Steven Bonell (Bonell Steven), was banned from the subreddit called LiveStreamFail due to the fact that publish spoilers for the eighth season of “Game of thrones”. This writes the Daily Dot.

Bonell sent spoilers to users in private messages and wrote them in the comments to various tradam that people could stumble upon them unexpectedly. Bonell also revealed plot details during the stream on my channel on Twitch, where he signed 420 thousand people.

The guy explained that he did so from revenge against those who criticized his publication on Twitter that contains a spoiler to the final part of “the Avengers”, released in Russian cinemas on April 29, 2019. “If you sit on Twitter after four or five days after the premiere, if you haven’t watched the movie, and if you so much don’t like spoilers, then why do you sit on Twitter? People have gone mad. If they say I’m such a bad and damage them all, let it be so”, — explained his outrage Bonnell.

The moderator of the subreddit that banned the streamer, said that Bonnell was not supposed to splash out his anger. How long will the ban is unknown.

In early April, Twitch blocked streamers for the fact that she accidentally revealed the intimate part of the body during the broadcast. The girl was upset with the decision platform, it considered it unfair.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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