The man boasted a non-existent lottery winnings and disgraced


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The Briton boasted to all my friends winning the lottery 50 thousand pounds (4.2 million), and then found out that I will get only six pounds (509 rubles). This publication reports The Mirror.

Dean Smethurst (Dean Smethurst) checked the lottery ticket on Wednesday, may 8, in the store. The clerk told him that he won the prize in Saturday’s draw. However the girl are unable to give him the money and asked the man to go to the Camelot Group, who oversees the national lottery.

On the website of the company Smethurst read that usually the sellers send players to company in case of winning is at least 50 thousand pounds sterling. He rushed home, opened the champagne and shared the news with all your friends and relatives. The man didn’t check the winning numbers on the website and can’t get ahold of the company.

The whole night the man could not sleep and planned a luxurious family vacation in the Bahamas.

The next day, Smethurst called Camelot learned that will only receive three new lottery ticket has already been entered in their computer numbers. Each of them would have cost him two pounds sterling. The confusion was due to the fact that the lottery ticket men participated in two lotteries at once, and one of them was not known.

After Smethurst found out about this, he took the day off from work “not to look in the faces of my colleagues.” All day long the man spent in front of the TV. Mother had prepared his favorite dishes, but even that failed to lift British spirits.

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