The man brought a tarantula for the sake of scaring the mother in law


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A Reddit user told how to discourage the mother from daily visits to his home. He admitted that he had a spider in the community AmItheAsshole (“not a bastard I?”).

The man explained that for many years married to a Chinese woman. According to him, the woman’s parents are very conservative and do not understand what is privacy, and the spouse can not set boundaries in relationships with them.

“If the father can agree, the mother-in-law’s just crazy,” described them to a user. He complained that his wife’s mother comes over every day uninvited and nags.

A few months ago, the man learned that the mother-in-law is afraid of spiders. Then he thought to make a pet tarantula, a woman no longer came, but did not disclose to the wife his motives. As soon as the pet appeared at their house, the guests began to arrive just-in-law.

The user is asked whether to consider his act bad, considering that he did not disclose the whole truth to his wife. “She didn’t respond to my concern about personal boundaries over the years, so I had no choice. Besides, the tarantula is a great pet” — summed up the man.

Commentators have suggested that the wife men understood, and she is thrilled that she managed to get rid of excessive care of the mother and to avoid a quarrel with her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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