The price of Corvalol and valokordin predicted growth


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The Ministry has proposed to prohibit the use of the alcohol obtained from food raw material in the manufacture of tinctures of Valerian, motherwort, hawthorn, and Corvalol and valokordin. This follows from the draft law published on the portal of projects of normative acts. A ban is proposed for the prevention and combating of illegal trafficking of alcohol and its use in clandestine production of alcohol, writes owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

The law will lead to higher prices for these popular and inexpensive drugs, as manufacturers will be forced to use non-food, pharmaceutical and alcohol production procedure which is more complicated. In particular, for its establishment, the company must meet the standards of Good Manufacturing Practic, explained Deputy General Director of STADA CIS Ivan Glushkov.

In Russia such certificates from the Ministry after the inspection of subordinate State Institute of drugs and good practices. Due to the large number of additional hardware requirements and documentation the production of such alcohol more expensive food. First and foremost, these changes will hit producers of liqueurs — they use non-medical alcohol, the General Director of the analytical company DSM Group Sergey shuljak.

The authorities of Russia in 2016, began a vigorous campaign to combat alcohol-containing liquids that people are willing to drink instead of alcohol, post the poisoning of dozens of people in Russia “Hawthorn”. In 2018, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has decided to ban sale of non-food alcohol-containing products at a price below the cost of alcohol. Then the authorities also ordered the pharmaceutical company to connect to the unified state automated information system. However, in 2019, followed by relief in connection with the fact that alcohol can be contained not only in the tinctures, but also drugs, whose health effect is proven.

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