The Russians demanded that the Ministry of Finance two million rubles for the stolen treasure



A resident of Kursk has addressed in court with the claim about collecting from the Ministry of Finance of Russia monetary compensation for the stolen treasure. On Tuesday, may 14, the press service of the Leninsky court said the “Interfax”.

From the statement it follows, that the plaintiff sought to recover the “put amount” in the amount of half the value of the treasure, namely 2.15 million rubles.

September 13 last year, reported the criminal case on the fact of the disappearance of a treasure of gold coins, according to the court’s decision sent from Kursk to Moscow in the Russian state Depository. According to investigators, a resident of the Kursk was discovered under the wooden floor of a private house of 260 gold coins of the Russian Empire of late XIX — early XX century. Estimated value of the values exceeded 3.5 million rubles.

The coins were put in a room evidence storage OP-1 Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the region. In the future, the decision of the court of the treasure was sent to Gokhran of Russia in Moscow. However, at the opening of the sealed box, they discovered it only three spanner and office stapler.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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