Too good looks have spoiled the model’s personal life


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jenna Thompson

British model Jenna Thompson (Jenna Thompson) complained that an attractive appearance prevents her from establishing a personal life. According to the Metro newspaper, she admitted it when I was a invitee This Morning, which airs on ITV.

35-year-old model claims that two years ago broke up with my boyfriend and since then can not find another. Dating apps don’t help. “I think I scare guys, — complains the woman. — Decent guys. And attract those who are only interested in one thing. Or people who think that all this only once and don’t want anything serious”.

Thompson said the failure of attempts to have a relationship. According to her, one male, met on a blind date, turned out to be a traffic warden, who in the morning fought with her for Parking in an inappropriate place. The other hid from her that he is already married. When she found out and left, he followed and fell. Consequently she had to take him to the doctor. “He was terrified that his wife will find out, because from the hospital call family,” she says.

Despite the repeated failures, the model does not give up. “I have not lost hope on love, you just need to look further, she said. — I think we need a new way of Dating. Maybe back to the AIDS-Dating, only make it slower”.

In 2017, it was reported that the new Zealand model Playboy Sarah Harris was told that surgery for breast enlargement ruined her life. It ceased to call for an interesting photo shoot, and the effects of the operation had to hide.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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