Turning a guy into a girl provided him with the success of Tinder


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @J_Askew

A UK resident Jake Askew (Jake Askew) has gained popularity in Tinder, changed my face in the photo with the new filter in the app Snapchat and pretending to be a girl. This writes the Ladbible.

Askew created a profile in the Dating app, claiming to be the name Tess and posting the retouched picture, which he looks like a woman. Around 1650 people liked his account with four hundred of them, the guy got a chance to chat.

In an interview with the Ladbible Askew admitted that he did not expect such a success. They with the friend have created a profile and Tess out of curiosity, but within hours she, in his words, “became the most popular girl in town.” Some Tinder users wrote Brit’s compliments. “Hi. How’s it going? Look just unreal,” they said. However, there were also those who were sent Askew obscene content.

Twitter users where Askew sharing your story, I was surprised, as guys are unable to recognize Tess man, and was astounded by its success. Many girls are glad that the British had experienced what they often have to deal online. “Now he knows how it feels when strangers send you my naked pics,” wrote one of the wearer.

A new filter that turns men into women and women into men, appeared in Snapchat in early may. Briton Ryan hill had played his girlfriend and regretted it, because she thought her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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