Twitter passed to a partner company user information


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Monika Skolimowska /

Employees of the social network Twitter has detected a software error where the partner company accidentally received information about the whereabouts of some users. This was reported on the website of the network.

Victims of errors have become users of the iOS app. Twitter said that the partners had not collected personal data of users. Staff also added that deliberately compiled transferred information in order to make identification more difficult.

“However, we have taken technical measures to the “vagueness” of the transmitted data, so that they were no more accurate than the postcode or the name of the city”, — said in a statement. Such information will not be exploited due to excessive generality.

The exact number of victims of the leak is unknown. It is reported that the data on the location of users was not saved: they are promptly removed after the transfer. System error on Twitter, which led to the incident was resolved.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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