Ukraine refused to cancel the law about the exclusivity of the Ukrainian language


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Andrew a needle / RIA Novosti

The Verkhovna Rada refused to cancel the law “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”, providing for the exclusive use of the Ukrainian language in most spheres of life. None of the four draft regulations which proposed to annul the results of voting for the bill, did not receive the required number of votes. The repeal of the law was supported by only 34 of the MP with the minimum of 226 votes, reports “Strenia”.

The draft resolutions initiated by people’s deputies from “Oppositional block”, as well as independent parliamentarians. Rejecting them Happy unblocked it possible for the speaker of Parliament sign the law on state language. Andriy Parubiy did it directly in plenary meeting.

Earlier in April, the President-elect of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that after inauguration will conduct a thorough analysis of the document. According to him, the bill was passed without proper public discussion. At the same time, Zelensky said that the question of language is important, and the government should care about its development.

The law “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”, the Verkhovna Rada adopted on 25 April. According to the document, language will become mandatory for public authorities and local governments, educational institutions, hospitals and service sectors. It will be required to speak in court, the army, law enforcement, advertising, during election campaigns and referendums.

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