USA in Romania “bare” South Russia


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The deployment of us ballistic missile defence system (NMD) THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) in Deveselu (Romania) due to Russia’s inability to suppress the radar GBR (Graund-Based Radar), writes, “Military review”.

“The radar, get the index of AN/TPY-2 and working in a precision in the centimeter X-band is the most advanced and disturbance-free product in the class of towed mobile RLS [radar] early warning radar, tracking of targets and aiming at them”, — reports the edition.

Due to the fact that AN/TPY-2 allows you to “minimize the radiation power in the direction of EW [electronic warfare] of the enemy (to reset the pie chart, profile),” it continues, “Military review”, “to suppress the work of this station will be very difficult, even a full squadron of the Crimean su-30CM”, then “GBR will be able to provide operators of complex THAAD untilled field of possibilities in terms of scanning the airspace over the Crimea and Krasnodar region on the subject of air travel military transport and strategic aviation of Russian air force”.

According to the publication, “the only natural obstacle for this kind of activity calculation complex THAAD will be the phenomenon of radio horizon”.

The deployment of THAAD in Deveselu ended in may. Within a few weeks, the complex is to replace stationary system Aegis Ashore, which is currently undergoing upgrades.

In March it was reported that us forces within the European command of US Armed forces, deployed in Israel, the complex THAAD.

Agile defense missile system THAAD is designed for high-rise natmosphere intercept medium-range missiles. Target engagement is carried out by kinetic intercept. Leading developer of THAAD is the us military-industrial company Lockheed Martin. The system is commercially available since 2008.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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