Weighing more than a hundredweight woman refused the bread with butter and thin


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dawne Dickey

A resident of the UK, weighing about 120 pounds, abandoned sandwiches and dropped 19 pounds. Her story tells the local news portal Belfast Live.

Downey wild (Dawne Dickey) from the town of Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland, admitted that because of the excess weight she had health problems. “I was diagnosed with arthritis of the knee, and it turned out to be the main problem, she says. Also, I developed rheumatoid arthritis joints of the hands and feet. This became difficult for me to move.”

45-year-old British woman has decided to lose weight and joined a support group, in which full helping people lose weight. The woman changed her lifestyle and refused favorite foods — bread and butter. According to wild, the main advantage of a nutrition program developed by the club is the flexibility. The participants do not use the word “diet” and prefer healthy food cooked at home.

“When you come to a meeting, you don’t have to get up in front of everyone and talk about dialed in a week kilograms. All at will,” said wild. Since joining the club she regained her confidence and improved health. Now the woman enjoy visiting clothing stores and buy new outfits.

In late April, it was reported that a resident of the English town of Southport, County of Merseyside, weighing about 160 pounds, not drink alcohol and lost twice. A woman came into a club where people are helped to cope with psychological trauma. She began to exercise, quit drinking and lost almost 89 pounds.

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