A mysterious disease caused the girl to cry tears of blood


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An Australian woman has told about the unusual diseases, the cause of which for several months can not find out physicians. According to the news portal 9News, the girl bleeding from the eyes and mouth, and seizures.

Six months ago, 17-year-old Alexis Harrison (Alexis Harrison), worked in kindergarten, slipped in the bathroom. In the fall she hit her head. In the hospital the girl was examined and sent home.

The next day she started bleeding out of my eyes, and later had a seizure. The Australian was taken to hospital, where Harrison did a computer tomography (CT) of the head. The doctor said that the picture is not visible brain damage, in three hours and go home. According to mother Harrison, the girl was in a dazed condition, but doctors relied on the results of the survey and assured that all will be well.

After that Harrison several times was bleeding from the eyes, and seizures have become longer. However, every visit to the hospital the doctors mentioned a great CT scan results, and sent the girl home.

Parents insisted on a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain. The survey also showed that damage on there, and the doctor suggested that seizures are “psychological reasons”.

Ophthalmologist also found no damage to the eyes, but added that bleeding due to “psychological reasons” they can’t.

Only in early may, the girl’s mother found out that all this time the doctors looked at the CT scan of another patient. A new study has shown that the paranasal sinuses have Harrison there is a mass, but the doctors doubt it has something to do with seizures and bloody tears.

Now the girls are fits to three hours, and the bleeding from the two eyes, nose and mouth. The Australian can’t work and drive, she had learning problems.

Doctors from other medical institutions are not taken for the case of Harrison, as “not met with anything like that.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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