A quick top Manager of the branch of “Roscosmos” has been the Keeper of state secrets


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The departure abroad of the former Director of Scientific research Institute of space device engineering (NII KP, a branch of United rocket and space Corporation, part of the “Roskosmos”) Yuri Yaskina can deliver the Corporation’s problems, not only financial abuse but also in the protection of state secrets, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets” on Wednesday, may 15.

As assumes the edition, Jaskin could be familiar with numerous domestic developments in the field of electronic systems of navigation satellites, including promising.

So, NII KP involved in the process of production of the satellites and the main part of their on-Board equipment for the GLONASS system. A company that deals with that directly — “Information satellite systems” located in Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai, stated in the material.

It is known that the specialists of the research Institute is involved in several major space projects, including the international space station, “Spectrum” and “Soyuz — Kourou”. They also engaged in support of launches involving boosters “Fregat” and “Briz-M”, which is in orbit civilian and military vehicles.

15 may, “Kommersant” with reference to two top-managers of enterprises of the defense industry announced that Askin under the pretext of a business trip he went to Europe and never returned, sending out a letter of resignation at own will. FSB of Russia to ascertain the circumstances and motives of the actions of the former CEO, who, presumably, decided to stay in Greece.

As explained later, RIA Novosti, “Roscomos” information about the dismissal of the top Manager confirmed. The new head of the organization appointed Alexey Shashkov.

NII KP was formed in February 1985 as instrument enterprise-wide profile and became one of the key enterprises in the industry. The Institute is considered to be a leading enterprise “Roscosmos” in the area of control and ensure durability of the electronic component base and radio-electronic equipment of spacecrafts.

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