A schoolgirl killed herself at the request of the subscribers in the network


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Sixteen-year-old resident of Malaysia has committed suicide after he published in Instagram post asking followers to help her decide what to choose — life or death. This writes the Guardian.

The girl’s body was found by the passerby near a shopping Mall in Kuching, and called the police. According to police, shortly before the death of the teenager was published online poll with the headline: “it is Very important help me choose between D and L”. Investigators believe that D meant Death (death), and L Is Life (life), since she also wrote a status in Facebook: “I Want to die, I am tired.” 69 percent of voters in her Instagram chose the option “D”.

The Minister of sports and youth policy of Malaysia said that tragedy is a signal that you need to discuss mental health at the level of the whole country. One of the local members expressed the view that those who voted for the death of the girl may be guilty of her death.

“Would she still be alive if people would have talked her off the edge? If she needed the Council to seek professional help? As an attempt of suicide in our country outside the law, and aiding and abetting such also may entail punishment,” he said.

In January of 2019 in the UK, talking about the possibility of blocking social networks in the country for the benefit of children. According to the Minister of health, the authorities are ready to take such action if the social network will not come up with effective measures to fight harmful content.

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