Burger King start to deliver the burgers stuck in traffic drivers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Danny Gys / ZUMA / Globalloookpress.com

Network of fast food restaurants Burger King decided to open a service that will deliver burgers to drivers stuck in traffic. The service will be available in Mexico city, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and Shanghai. About it writes Bloomberg.

A pilot program in April was launched in Mexico city. She works the order in which you can do through voice commands. In addition, it keeps track of the location of the driver in real time.

The system is not perfected to the end. In particular, several open questions remain. One of them is how to avoid traffic violations in the delivery, when customer eating, for example, must cross the line marking.

In addition, one of the key problems is that the execution of the order need to be no more than a three-kilometer radius of the client — this can ensure that burgers and fries to their receipt by the customer will be hot, and drinks cold.

Earlier it was reported that in all Burger King restaurants in the United States until the end of the year there will be burgers with faux meat. Network fast food in April started trial sales of such burgers in 59 points in St. Louis, and first results, according to the company, was extremely successful.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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