Male refueled and won a million dollars


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Patrick Semansky / AP

In the U.S. city of Charlotte, North Carolina, a man stopped to get gas and hit the jackpot. This publication reports the Charlotte Observer.

Steven Floyd (Stephen Floyd) paid for petrol at a filling station BP and decided to buy a lottery ticket-50X The Cash game. The man managed to win a million dollars (62,8 million). According to the web site of the lottery, he got one of the main prizes.

The rules of the game, Stephen had to choose between annual payments in the amount of 50 thousand dollars (3.2 million rubles) for 20 years and a one-time payment of 600 thousand dollars (38,9 million). The man chose the latter option, taking home 424,5 thousand dollars (27,4 million) after tax.

Earlier in may it was reported that the inhabitant of Australia has won the lottery a million Australian dollars (45,4 million) thanks to lucky numbers, who saw in a dream. These figures have several times brought him the win, though not as large.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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