Man cut off his leg folding knife for survival


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kurt Kaser

A resident of the U.S. state of Nebraska self-amputated part of foot for the sake of survival. His story reports NBC News.

Kurt Kaser (Kaser Kurt) was carrying grain on a farm in the village of Pender and his leg got stuck in the hopper (self-unloading hopper wagon for transportation of bulk cargo — approx. “Of the”). At this time the car continued to move. 63-year-old man understood that his family was away on business and rely on outside help is not necessary.

Keyser tried to free herself, but nothing happened. Then he pulled out his folding knife and cut off part of a leg stuck in the mechanism. “In the end, I got out and crawled to the side of the house,” says the American. He covered a distance of 45 metres and called the brigade of emergency aid. The man was promptly taken to hospital, but later transported to another hospital, where his daughter.

After a few weeks spent under supervision of doctors, on Friday, may 10, Keizer wrote. According to him, the recovery process was painful. The doctors concluded that due to the prosthesis the patient will be able to walk. In conversation with journalists the farmer admitted that he went to extreme measures because of his stubborn nature and desire to survive.

In March it was reported that the Australian had accidentally cut off their face with a chainsaw and got to the hospital. He crawled over 40 meters to the car to make the dressing improvised. Then he drove 32 kilometers driving to the nearest hospital where he was operated on.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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