Pakistani Christians sentenced to death for blasphemy


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In Pakistan, a couple of Christians sentenced to death for blasphemy over text messages they allegedly sent to the man-a Muslim. About it reports The Guardian.

Shafqat masih and his wife Shagufta Kusar trying to appeal the verdict to the Supreme court in Lahore. They were arrested after rooms Kusar on the telephone unfamiliar to her Muslim reported in English, “insulting the Quran and the Prophet”.

The couple from the city Gojra in Punjab province, four children. Her disabled husband, and the wife worked as a cleaner in a Church school. According to the publication, first masih took the blame, fearing for his wife, but then recanted his testimony.

Now the defense claims that both prisoners do not know English and could not write this message. In addition, the SIM card was registered in the name of Kusar, which had stolen the identity card. These arguments, however, has not convinced the court — Christians still face the death penalty.

Persecution for blasphemy is widely supported by people of Pakistan. Criticism of harsh punishments under this rule say it is often used as a tool for revenge in personal conflicts and accusations, sometimes based on very weak evidence. However, Pakistani politicians often support severe punishment for contempt of the faith to maintain popularity with the electorate — 96 percent of citizens are Sunni Muslims.

Many defendants on this article were victims of lynching. Christians make up approximately 1.59 per cent of the population, however, more than 50 percent accused of blasphemy — not Muslims.

In 2011 in Islamabad, was shot dead the Governor of Punjab province Salman, Tazir. The motive for the murder was his criticism of the blasphemy law and the proposal to pardon the convicted Christian woman Asia Bibi.

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