Products the youngest billionaire in the world were dangerous to the health



Face scrub, Walnut Face Scrub, released a personal beauty brand TV stars Kylie Jenner, was dangerous to health. It is reported by The Sun.

In the commercial Jenner recommends the use of “gentle, but very effective” scrub three times a week, arguing that it removes dead skin cells. However, dermatologists have warned fans of the brand Kylie Skin that the composition is walnut, which can severely damage the skin. According to them, the hard particles of walnut shell to create microcracks on the surface of the skin, allowing bacteria to penetrate the deeper layers.

“The powder of the walnut shell is known as a strong exfoliating agent. And while this is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells, harsh exfoliating ingredients can end up hurting her”, — said the British expert on skin care Ross Perry.

Many fans of Kylie Jenner also criticized her for using this ingredient. “The head of the largest cosmetic companies in the world adds to scrub walnut. Everyone knows that it is harmful. I’m tired of this,” complained one lady Twitter. “This is appalling. Scrub with walnuts? Scary to think that millions of girls will buy this garbage and will ruin your skin,” agreed the other. “I just asked my dermatologist about this product, and she said it’s the same as if you were rubbing the face with a metal sponge. Stay away from him”, — said the third.

Kylie Jenner has yet to respond to the claims.

5 March edition of Forbes called Kylie Jenner the youngest billionaire in the world, earn their own status. 21-year-old girl opened her own brand of cosmetics Cosmetics Kylie in 2016 and to date has earned one billion dollars. Thus she was ahead of the Creator of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, who made his first billion at age 23.

In April 2018 police in Los Angeles impounded from shops fake cosmetics, which has been found biological waste of animals. Of 21 outlets was seized cosmetics in the amount of 700 thousand dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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