Schoolgirl earned a luxury car through video on cosmetics


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Beauty blogger Natanan Sarunrat (Natthanan Sanunrat) from Thailand bought for his 12th birthday BMW car worth 150 thousand British pounds (about 12 million). About it writes Daily Mail.

Girl, also known under the alias Nong Pear, admitted that her feet don’t even touch the pedals of the machine. Until Sarunrat will not turn 18 years of age to drive a car over it will be the parents. At your age the blogger is planning to buy the car brand Porsche.

Sarunrat makes that leads to the YouTube blog about makeup. On her channel a few hundred thousand subscribers, and the girl alternates schooling with participation in fashion weeks around the world. She first picked up a makeup brush in three years, and four I shot my first beauty vlog.

The child’s parents say they will not force her daughter to have a blog. “We support the work Sarunrat, but don’t pressure her. She doesn’t need to, because he loves his job and behaves as an adult and an organized person” — they noted.

In February, a British woman, Emma drew said, as a career blogger helped her to get rich after she failed in finding another job.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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