Scientists explain the popularity of “Game of thrones”


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Scientists from Frankfurt University of applied Sciences found out why “Game of thrones” has become one of the most popular series of our time. This is stated in a press release published on the website of the institution.

The researchers said that the audience of the epic feel implicated in what is happening on the screen. Professor Claus-Peter Ernst noted that this series satisfies such requirements of the beholder, as the desire to make friends and feel part of a community.

According to the scientist, people perceive the characters from “Game of thrones” as loved ones. “Everyone can find a character with whom he can identify,” said Ernst. “For example, someone who plays in his own family the role of the outsider, can identify itself with the image of Tyrion Lannister”, — he explained.

Among the factors influencing the popularity of the series, scientists have identified human curiosity and the unpredictable plot of the Saga of the Seven Kingdoms, and also noted the ease and speed of consumption of content hosted on online services.

Earlier in may, VTSIOM conducted a survey and found out which characters of “Game of thrones” the Russians love more than others, but every fifth Respondent who watched the show, said that he had no favourite character.

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