Shifrin told about the persecution after the appearance Duda


www.vsyako.netEfim Shifrin Photo: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

Humorist Efim Shifrin complained of harassment after the film Yuri Dude “Kolyma. The birthplace of our fear,” in which he discussed the fate of his repressed father. About the artist wrote in Instagram.

“Even for Lucy, I was not rocked in the turbulent years of his youth as much as the shit I made in the Halcyon days of its maturity for Dude,” admitted the actor, “Lucy” implying one of his most popular numbers that brought him fame in the USSR.

Many people in the comments to the post in Instagram Schifrin supported the artist. “Never mind. You are the carrot to please everyone. Take care of yourself!” — wrote one of the wearer. “Maybe it was worth it to talk about the patient and raise the issue. Well, thanks again,” wrote another user.

Dude film depicting life in Stalin’s camps, was published on YouTube on April 25. One of its members became Shifrin, who told us about the fate of his father, who spent at the Kolyma a few decades. According to Shifrin, his dad went to jail “for nothing”. “Humble accountant who are not members in any party, in the family of 10 was a senior, worked from morning till night. 19 Aug 1938 knock, and it read “the Gods crave” from Anatole France, by blind coincidence, it all started that night. Article 58, of spying for Poland, it is the words in Polish do not know”, — shared his story of his family entertainer.

The film Dude also criticized the writer Zakhar Prilepin and videobloger Dmitry Goblin Puchkov. Prilepin called the film Dude “superficial, not very intelligent and banal to nausea,” and Bundles in its program focused on a critique of the facts given by the Dude.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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