The beauty has confessed to a secret dirty tricks against customers


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Manicurists from around the world confessed to the dirty tricks that they do because of hostility to the clients. Stories of anonymous women published on the portal Whisper.

“I work in a nail salon. I look at how people dress and speak, to understand, give them a generous tip or not. Then I decide to do my job or not,” said one manicurist. Then she added that she always does poorly the holders pedicure full legs.

Another manicurist said that it is impolite to clients it makes the manicure so that later they suffered from ingrown nails. Another employee of the salon opened, which is not always sterilize tools after each client. Her colleague turned out to be had some weird fetish and admitted that she likes the smell of the toes of the clients.

“To be honest, sometimes we swear in Vietnamese,” admitted manicurist from Vietnam. “I’m terrified when I was asked to do a pedicure. I hate smelly feet old!” said her colleague.

In March, the American conducted a study and created a guide that will help to determine the nature of the girls in the form of her nails. Since the summer of 2018, he studied the types of women’s manicure, then to tell the men, the owners of any nail is to be feared in a relationship.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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