The hostage-takers Russian student was released under house arrest


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In Kazan the court released under house arrest of a schoolboy seized classmates hostage. On Wednesday, may 15, reports TASS.

According to the Agency, the investigation requested remand in custody, but the court decided not to arrest the teenager because he is not of age, besides does not consist on the account at the narcologist and psychologist. He, as noted by the judge, pleaded guilty to the crime and repented. The student is allowed the advice of a doctor-suicidology.

The incident in the Kazan gymnasium took place on 13 may. 17-year-old came to class with a kitchen knife and a pneumatic pistol. He walked into the Russian language classroom, sat down at the teacher’s Desk, and forbade his classmates to leave the room.

In high school the police arrived, the student was quickly neutralized, none of the students were not injured. Concerning the young man criminal case on illegal deprivation of freedom.

The principal of the school in an interview with reporters said the cause of the incident the personal problems of the adolescent: a lack of parental attention and undivided love.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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