The lioness jumped out of the paddock and mutilated little girl


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Paul Zinken / DPA / Globallookpress com

In the South African city, you’ll be a lion attacked a little girl and really hurt her. It is reported by news portal IOL News.

Sunday, may 12, the family of several people went to the lion farm Weltevrede, that a small child could see the animals.

The father of the family Peter de beer (Pieter de Beer) came to the paddock with the lions with their four-year old daughter Dina-Marie on hand. This time the young lioness climbed over the fence and rushed at them. She grabbed the child’s head and took his scalp.

Dina-Marie with serious injuries was taken by helicopter to the city hospital. The girl was put into an artificial coma and had a craniotomy to reduce intracranial pressure. Her condition is estimated as critical. According to Peter, daughters will take a long time to recover. The man escaped with minor injuries.

Director lion farm Weltevrede Charlene van Wyk (Charlene van Wyk) commented on the situation and called the incident “an accident”. She stressed that the family asked not to come close to the paddock. Such a warning was issued to all Park visitors.

At the moment the Park is working normally, the other staff declined to comment.

In early may it was reported that two lions attacked a zoo worker in Germany when he went in the cage to feed the animals. 24-year-old man was seriously injured.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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