The number of acquittals in Russia reached a historic low


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti

In Russia over the past two years the share of justified has fallen four times and is now 0.24 percent of the total number of sentences. About it reports the edition “Project.”

In 2018, the courts heard criminal cases against 885 thousand people. Of these, 682 thousand were convicted and only 2082 man — is justified. Furthermore, 43 per cent of acquittals were cancelled by the higher courts, and eventually only a person from 1463 2082 managed to defend his innocence to the end, acquittals against them came into force.

Last year the courts less justified compared to 2017 151 case, based on what the publication indicates that the acquittal rate reached a historical low in post-Soviet Russia.

In 1990-e years the courts have handed down acquittals in 0.3 — 0.4 percent of the cases.

The author of the article indicates that Russian judges are more and more willing to justify the officials of 3.4 thousand attracted in 2018 to justice 105 was found not guilty. They also prefer to assign punishments not connected with imprisonment.

More often the Russian courts to justify the security forces, according to the publication.

The harshest judge in Moscow they are ready to believe, only 1.4 per cent declared not guilty. And their colleagues from the Caucasus often justified.

The vast majority of the defendants fully admit guilt and consent to a special procedure of trial. In this case, not examined the evidence, and the penalty is minimal. Completely deny the guilt of only four percent of the defendants. The chance of acquittal is only at them, but it is low, indicates the author.

A study on the domestic judicial system was conducted by the journalist Alexander Sokolov, who was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for participating in the activities of the “army of the will of the people”, which was prohibited by the court. According to the prosecution, together with like-minded journalist continued the work of the “army of the will of the people” under the guise of the initiative group for the referendum “For the responsible authority”. Sam Sokolov connects criminal prosecution with professional activities. He was released from prison in August 2018, after serving in prison for three years and one month.

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