The passenger burned in the Sheremetyevo of the plane told the vision


www.vsyako.netSergey Kuznetsovoj: Telegram-channel “Baza”

Passenger burnt in Sheremetyevo aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100) Sergey Kuznetsov was experienced at the time of the crash vision, which, according to the man, and saved his life. Monologue Kuznetsova published a Telegram-channel Baza.

Sergei sat in the 18th row and miraculously escaped from the burning tail of the cabin. All the passengers near him were killed. Kuznetsov said that flying to Murmansk with a friend fishing in the sea. He immediately raised a bad feeling, hard as the plane gained altitude. The worst thing started when the plane was thrown up after the first landing. According to Kuznetsov, then he realized that catastrophe is inevitable.

When the plane caught fire, passengers “was crawling on all fours” and “enough particles of oxygen.” At this time, Kuznetsov, according to him, experienced the vision in front of him was a green field, lit by the sun. “And suddenly I see my nine-year-old daughter (I have three kids), I saw her in a white dress, white hair, and she screamed, “Daddy, don’t die!”” — the man told.

After that he had a “concentration of forces”, he knew that is on the verge of death and have any means to survive. Kuznetsov “took a deep breath with all his might and decided to take the risk”. Since the passage was busy, he crept around the empty seats from the left wing, where was the main seat of fire, burning plastic and there was black soot. Then before his eyes “shot Luke.”

According to the passenger, prior to his trip he had a dream about how broken on the plane and it had the same field of vision. “I thought it was probably Paradise begins”, — said Kuznetsov.

The plane SSJ-100 “Aeroflot” has made emergency landing at Sheremetyevo airport on the evening of 5 may. After landing lit up the tail part of the aircraft. The fire killed 41 people, among them a flight attendant.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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