The Russians drove a stall with Shawarma in the truck and paralyzed traffic


www.vsyako.netPhoto: traffic police of the Sverdlovsk region

In Irbit, Sverdlovsk region the driver was transported by truck stall with Shawarma and paralyzed traffic on the streets of the city. This reports the regional edition “E1”.

A stall with Shawarma, which tried to translate the Russian that was too big for the truck and strongly advocated its limits. As stated by the publication in management of traffic police of the Sverdlovsk region, because of the dimensions of transported cargo almost the entire roadway of the streets were closed, which created “a real threat to road safety”.

The Ministry clarified that the dimensions of the cargo was exceeded by almost three meters.

According to the offender, to move the stall asked his friend. He added that for this service he was promised a reward.

The truck driver was fined under part 6 of article 12.21.1 of the administrative code (“Movement of large vehicles exceed the maximum permitted dimensions on size more than 50 inches without a special permit”), the truck was detained by the police.

Earlier, police had uncovered new requirements for students driving schools, which may relate, in particular, of truck drivers. So, car owners wishing to obtain the license category D, will need to have experience of category B, C1 or D1 for at least one year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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