The Russians have called the most desired professions for children of school age


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

Medicine, information technology and work in law enforcement entered the top-3 most promising and popular sectors, according to parents of Russian schoolchildren. The corresponding results showed the survey “Monitoring the effectiveness of the school. Choice families educational trajectories for children” the Russian Academy of national economy, reports TASS.

The least attractive to students, the Russians considered the specialty associated with science, culture, agriculture and forestry.

Experts have found that the necessity of obtaining higher education remains in Russia as a social norm. So, about 71 percent of respondents were in favor of higher education. About a quarter of the respondents indicated that the diploma is desirable but not mandatory.

In April it was reported that the most in demand in Russia are skilled workers. In the sphere of production, construction and health there are around a million job openings.

The most promising, according to the research Institute of labour at the Ministry of labour are healthcare, aviation and space-rocket engineering, computer science and information security. Good opportunity for youth employment is in education and pedagogy, maintenance, and in the field of instrument engineering and optical engineering.

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