The star of “Game of thrones” supported women’s right to abortion


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The star of the show “Game of thrones” Lina Hidi, who plays Cersei Lannister, took part in the flashmob actress busy Philipps for women’s right to abortion. Post on this topic she posted in her Instagram account.

Hidi issued a statement, Phillips, who wrote: “Every fourth woman had an abortion. Many people think that they don’t know anyone who did them, but you know me. So let us do so: if you’re one of these four women share the recordings and put an end to bullying. Use the hashtag #youknowme and share the truth.”

Under the post Hidi noted that “the rights of women and girls is a human right”. She did not specify, does her part in the flashmob that she once went through abortion.

In February, the actress said that her career suffered because of the harassment, Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. According to the artist, the filmmaker has twice hinted her sex, but was refused. After that, the Studio Miramax, which is co-founder of the Weinstein ceased to offer Hidi role in their projects.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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