The successor company of cookie Leibniz found nothing wrong with the work Ostarbeiters


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Monika Skolimowska / DPA /

The daughter of the owner of the German company for the production of biscuits Bahlsen biscuit Bahlsen Verena (Verena Bahlsen) stated that their firm, where during the Second world war forcibly worked for about 200 removed from the occupied territories and people “did nothing wrong”. About it reports Reuters.

“It was up to me, we were paying these workers exactly the same as German workers, and we are well treated,” explained 25-year-old girl.

With the outbreak of the Second world war, the Third Reich faced an industrial crisis due to the fact that most of the workers went to the front. Ultimately, the government decided to use for the needs of German industry and agriculture the work of people from the territories occupied by the Wehrmacht.

In particular, it was an Ostarbeiter deported from the territories of Eastern Europe (Soviet Union), fremdarbeiter from Italy and Scandinavia, and European POWs zwangsarbeiter. According to various estimates, the number used by the Third Reich as a free or low-paid labor force of people made up of five to seven million. In 1944 most of them were able to return home, some died as a result of military action or harsh conditions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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