The United States decided to make concessions in the trade war


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The U.S. is going to postpone introduction of import duties on foreign cars and parts for up to 180 days. About it reports Reuters referring to sources in administration of the President of the United States.

This American authorities are willing to go to avoid a further deterioration of relations with its trading partners, the Agency said.

It is expected that officially it will be announced until may 18 — the day of the deadline, when the White house needs to make a decision on the introduction or not imposed a 25 percent import duties on vehicles and components. Under American law, the presidential administration may delay the introduction of tariffs for up to 180 days to continue negotiations with trading partners.

The decision was adopted against the backdrop of escalating trade conflict between the United States and China, which may mutually raise duties on imported goods. First, the U.S. increased tariffs on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion, then China responded by raising tariffs on us imports in the amount of $ 60 billion.

American President Donald trump in the summer of 2018 has threatened to impose duties of 25 percent for cars that are imported to the United States from abroad. He said this after the US imposed a 25 percent duty on steel imports and 10 percent on imports of aluminium, and the EU have imposed a 25 percent tariff, a number of American goods, including corn, Bourbon, jeans and motorcycles.

In February 2019, the US Department of Commerce has submitted to the President a report stating that the justification for the imposition of duties on cars could be a threat to national security. Then the head of the White house took a pause for decision, and it expires on may 18.

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