The woman found the lost 40 years ago wallet


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Rachel Pollard in Facebook

In the Australian city of Coffs harbour, New South Wales, a woman found a wallet lost 40 years ago. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Rachel Pollard (Rachel Pollard) celebrated mother’s Day together with their children in the Park Boronia. The woman noticed that they picked some very dirty thing. Initially, the Australian woman wanted to throw the idea around, but, having considered it, I realized that this is someone’s purse.

Pollard found a few old documents, among which was a discount card for the bookstore of the University at St Lucia, Brisbane, flyer local radio stations and Commonwealth Bank card with the old logo. But the most amazing finding was the identification that belonged to 18-year-old Jennifer Sinclair (Jennifer Sinclair).

The Australian posted on the page of your wedding planners at the Facebook pictures of the contents of the wallet, hoping to find his owner. According to the documents, Sinclair lived in Brisbane and now she has to be 58 years old.

The post Pollard gathered 174 repost and about 60 comments. One user even suggested that the owner of the purse could be the victim of a local murderer and asked to immediately contact police.

The woman said that was not going to report his find to the police because the purse was not valuable things, but do it as quickly as you can to find Jennifer Sinclair.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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