“Vedomosti” reminded of Stalin’s repressions and found the occasion for irony


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Owned by the family Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti” published a column on the subject of construction in the Novosibirsk house called Stalin House. The author of the material, which is available only by paid subscription, specified the Deputy chief editor of the newspaper Cyril Kharatyan.

The complex Stalin House, according to the ads on websites real estate, there are commercial offices and residential apartments; the cost per square meter in the building starts from 90 thousand rubles. The name of the complex has drawn criticism from Novosibirsk, writes, “Taiga.info”. The publication also notes that the facility under this title to potential buyers and realtors offer sales that is specified in the ads.

In may in Novosibirsk there was a monument to Joseph Stalin. The sculpture is located on the territory of the Novosibirsk regional Committee of the Communist party, it was officially opened on Victory Day.

The March survey “Levada-center”, the results of which were announced in April, showed that the level of approval by Russians of Stalin broke the historical record for all the years of research on this topic.

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