12-year-old girl nearly a decade raised on the neck of a huge tumor


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

A resident of the Indian state of Gujarat is suffering from a rare disease where her neck grows a huge tumor. Her story tells tabloid the Daily Mail.

The tumor on the body Surbhi Ben (Ben Grace) appeared when she was only three years. According to the father of Parshuram Bhai Varia (Parshuram Bhai Variya), initially a small tumor was on the girl’s face, but over time has grown to the size of a soccer ball and covered the whole neck.

Bhai Varia took the daughter for consultation in the local hospital, but doctors shrugged, saying he didn’t have the power to make an accurate diagnosis and to carry out the operation. Ben was undergoing treatment, but her condition has not improved.

Parents of young Indian women worry about the future of his daughter, because they have no money for expensive survey abroad. However, the bin is positive. Girl, open, sociable and has many friends.

Presumably, the child had developed a lymphatic malformation, also known as cystic hygroma is a rare benign facial tumor. According to the publication, of this disease suffer one percent of all newborns in the UK.

In April it was reported that in China, doctors removed the patient abnormally large tumor — the tumor weighed 14.9 kg. Doctors have many years refused to operate, as the growth was partially struck by the lungs, the spine, and several major arteries Chinese.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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