A drunken tourist disobeyed the captain fell into the ocean and disappeared


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A drunken tourist has gone missing in the ocean after he disobeys the captain of the boat and not wearing a life jacket. About it writes Daily Mail.

It is reported that on Monday, may 13, 42-year-old Wesley Beit and five of his friends rented a boat to go around the island and Samui sightseeing.

According to the ship’s captain, 23-year-old Chachama of Jijona, the travelers climbed into the boat, being in an alcohol intoxication. They followed the instructions and sat on the edge of the boat without life jackets despite the bad weather.

As soon as the ship rocked on the waves, Beit lost his balance and fell into the water. Then Jaejong turned the boat and made a few circles around the place where the fallen hiker, but find it failed.

After that, his friends landed on the shore, and the captain of the ship went to the police to report the incident. A few days after the incident, the staff of the rescue service still can’t find a man.

Police major Worasak Caracol confirmed the above information and reported that the search continues.

In August last year a passenger cruise liner company Norwegian Cruise Line, EN route from Croatia to Italy, fell overboard and was saved with the songs and yoga. 46-year-old British woman Kay Longstaff sailed in shorts and t-shirt in 20-degree water about ten hours. It was about a hundred kilometers from the coast.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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