A man proposed to sweetheart and gave her a kidney


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Geraldine Chingosho

The nurse in the English city of Leicester had proposed to his beloved and gave her his kidney. This publication reports The Mirror.

27-year-old Cataldi Aldo (Aldo Cataldi) met 22-year-old Geraldine Chingosho (Geraldine Chingosho) in a nursing home where they both worked. Soon the man quit, but the pair was supported by familiarity and may of the same year, a nurse asked her out on a date.

A few days before Chingosho found a serious kidney disease. Body was functioning only at 20 percent, every day she was required to carry out the dialysis. The girl reported Cataldi diagnosis and advised not to start a relationship with her, but the man insisted on not leaving her.

“He came to me after 12 hour shifts, brought food, helped to dress, talking to doctors… He was my superhero,” admitted Chingosho.

In the beginning of 2018 the girl found out that none of her relatives can’t be a donor for her. Then Cataldi decided to be tested for compatibility of organs.

After that, the pair went to Portugal to celebrate the birthday girl. Cataldi proposed to her, and the same day found out that I can become a donor. “He woke me up in tears and said this. I asked him: “And if we break up?”. And he said,” At least I’ll save your life”,” — said the bride.

In February 2018, doctors performed a kidney transplant operation. In August 2019, the Brits plan to get married.

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