Called the cost of cheating results in the final show of “the Voice”


www.vsyako.netMikella Abramovitz: “The Voice. Children-6”

Automated wrapping of votes in favor of Micelle Abramova on the show “the Voice.The children” could cost about 2-3 million rubles. About it RIA Novosti said the representative of the Group-IB company, which was engaged in the verification of voting results.

“The market average one “bought” the vote can cost from 60 to 80 rubles,” said Group-IB. Thus, in the presence of about 38 thousand votes total amount bots cheat cost 2.28-of 3.04 million rubles.

The interviewee explained that usually the wrapping is performed by companies with SIM-cards issued to individuals. At the same time said that in front of Group-IB does not attempt to detect the initiators of the use of such technology.

In the finale of the sixth season of the show “the Voice. Children” the daughter of singer Alsou Abramova Mikella won with a gap of 80 thousand votes. Second place went to Yerzhan Maxim. Many spectators and representatives of show-business was considered a victory Abramova dishonest.

May 16, the First channel has cancelled competition results, having examined the preliminary results of the investigation company Group-IB. Cybersecurity experts revealed cheating in favor of Abramova in the course of SMS – and telephone voting. Using bots managed to wind 38 thousand votes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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