Disclosed the reason for the mass disappearance of ancient people


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Scientists at University College London found that 8.6 thousand years ago the population living on the territory of South America, began to decline sharply due to unpredictable precipitation. This publication reports Science News.

The researchers analyzed sediments related to the 1.4 thousand South American archaeological sites, and spent 5.4 thousand radiocarbon Dating. They evaluated the changes in precipitation, and identified variations in the level of population, from 12 thousand to two thousand years ago by the number of monuments built in a certain period of time.

According to the results, the strongest fluctuations in precipitation and significant decrease in the number of ancient people took place in the Northern, tropical regions of South America. About 8.2 thousand years ago, people left many previously populated areas, with unpredictable weather conditions could cause the transition from hunting and gathering to a settled way of life.

Over 2.6 thousand years, periods of extreme dry and wet conditions, have a negative impact on food sources, began to occur every five years. People were not able to predict when droughts or intense precipitation. However, six thousand years ago groups of hunters-gatherers returned to the previously abandoned site, when the rains have stabilized.

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