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The Creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov said that the WhatsApp messenger has never been and will never be safe for users. Their point of view regarding the service problems he described in his column “Why WhatsApp will never be safe” (Why WhatsApp Will Never Be Secure), published online.

According to the Creator of Telegram, a WhatsApp administration deliberately behaves opaque, so that the experts could not convict them of contempt for the users. “Every time WhatsApp is necessary to correct a critical vulnerability in its app, in its place appears a new. All their security problems are working like backdoors,” said Durov.

The businessman suggested that the administration of Facebook directly affects the protection of WhatsApp, forcing developers to leave some gaps in protection for the needs of the security services. Durov noted that such state like Iran and Russia do not oppose the messenger that can talk about the cooperation of Facebook and WhatsApp with the security forces.

Durov recalled that WhatsApp users are constantly faced with problems and leakages in the Telegram of major problems does not happen. In the final, he urged network users to complete a period of “greed and hypocrisy” and to persuade friends to move to a more secure messaging.

Earlier in may it became known that WhatsApp users were victims of cybercrime. They installed spying software on gadgets via calls. The service has released an updated version of the messenger and urged all users (1.5 billion) people to install it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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