In the hospital simultaneously became pregnant eight nurses


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Beverly Hospital

In the American city of Peabody, Massachusetts, became pregnant eight nurses of the maternity ward of the hospital. It is reported by local newspaper the Salem News.

Each of the women at different pregnancy. Presumably, the children will be born in the interval from June to October of the current year. “So funny, it all started as an innocent joke” — says the employee of the hospital.

Five nurses have decided in advance to find out the sex of the baby they are expecting a boy. According to the publication, two months ago in the hospital had nine pregnant workers. In March one of them, Tara Randazzo (Randazzo Tara), gave birth to a son.

Head of the maternity Department, Mavilio shanna (Shanna Mavilio), which is 50 nurses already prepared for the fact that eight employees will soon go on maternity leave. “She of the delights of pregnancy — do you have time to prepare,” she said.

In late March it was reported that in the U.S. city of Portland, Maine, became pregnant nine nurses of the maternity ward of the hospital. The medical establishment has published in Facebook a photo where posing eight of nine pregnant women. Each is holding a sheet of paper with the expected delivery date.

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