In the Philippines, three children of the President won the election


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A daughter and two sons of the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte took public office in a midterm election, beating his rivals by a wide margin, according to CNN.

According to the publication, the election was a lot of violations. Sarah Duterte, incumbent mayor of Davao, the hometown of his father, was re-elected to the position. She has received more than 580 thousand votes, and her only opponent in just about four thousand.

Her brother Sebastian Duterte became Vice-mayor of the city. He has in these elections there was no competition — he took up the post, which freed his brother, Paolo Duterte. Paolo in the vote and took the chair of the house of representatives of the country he voted 197 of thousands of voters, and his nearest rival scored a little over five thousand.

It is reported that during the elections to the Supreme bodies of state control was not a single candidate from the opposition.

Philippine leader known for his bold antics and harsh words. In September Duterte admitted extrajudicial killings in the course of the campaign against drug trafficking in the country. Before that he called former U.S. President Barack Obama is a “son of a whore”.

In June, the President exchanged a book about sex in the Church for a kiss. Duterte also called God “stupid son of a bitch” and told soldiers to shoot protesters vaginas of women.

According to CNN, polls in early may showed that the approval rating of the President by the inhabitants of the Philippines reaches 72 percent.

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