Klimkin made a demarche because of the decision of the Council of Europe in Russia


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The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin refused to participate in the meeting of the Council of Europe (COE), which will be held in Helsinki on 17 may. The reason for the refusal was the position of the Committee of Ministers on the lifting of sanctions against Russia, said the publication “European truth” the permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council Dmitry Kuleba.

According to the Ukrainian diplomat, if the Russian delegation in PACE will be reinstated, Ukraine may revise the principles of cooperation” with the Council of Europe due to the fact that the organization “lost credibility”. Failure klimkina to participate in the meeting, only the first response of the Ukrainian diplomacy, said Kuleba.

The head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Vladimir Aryev noted that the deputies are considering the possibility of ending the work of the delegation.” Personally, I see no reason to stay in PACE, if the Council of Europe will destroy the principles upon which it was founded,” he says.

Earlier in may Klimkin put the European countries an ultimatum: if the representatives of Germany, France and other countries in the Council of Europe will achieve the lifting of sanctions with Russia, Kiev will refuse to fulfill the Minsk agreements. France said in response that the implementation of the Minsk agreements should not be linked to the situation in the Council of Europe.

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe decided, opening the way for the return of the Russian delegation to PACE during the meeting in Strasbourg on 14 may. It is expected that at the meeting in Helsinki the decision will be made final.

In April 2014 Russia was deprived of the basic powers in PACE. The reason was the events in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. In 2015, the Assembly has twice considered the question of lifting sanctions, but the restrictions remain in force: the Russian delegation is deprived of voting rights and participation in decision-making bodies of the Assembly and its monitoring missions. In June 2017, Russia froze the payment of membership dues to the restoration of the powers of its delegation.

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