Men with non-standard bodies appeared in lingerie in the name of male beauty


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Manual

Representatives of different races with custom bodies starred in underwear campaigns bodypositive site Manual dedicated to men’s health. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The aim of the campaign is to break the stereotype of the ideal male body, which still imposes advertising. “If you look at women in advertising, they will think that everyone has a six pack, thick bristles and a perpetual tan. This is an absolute lie and is not an indicator of masculinity”, — told about the project co-founder George Manual, Polis.

Among participants in the campaign — the first Briton to become a plus size model in their country. “I was told that all men should look a certain way, they should have raised the chest and rock-hard abs. All of this was a detriment to my psyche. All my friends were skinnier than me, and everything was in good shape. I was the biggest guy in the class, I felt overwhelmed and thought: am I really supposed to look like? — admitted 26-year-old Whittaker. But there is no such term as a perfect body. It simply does not exist, all bodies are unique in its own way”.

The campaign also starred a man seriously injured in a car accident, transgender, a man with vitiligo (a skin pigmentation condition — approx. “Of the”) and other activists.

In March 2018, fat male models filmed a parody of an ad campaign for Calvin Klein, to challenge public stereotypes about the beauty of the male body. The protest was organized by popular in Instagram plus-size model Darnell Gram and his colleagues.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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