Most of the elite housing in Moscow was not housing


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

Three-quarters of the supply in the market of elite housing in Moscow refers to real estate: the objects have the legal status of the property. This is stated in the materials of the Capital Group received on Thursday, may 16, in edition”.ru”.

The preponderance of squares of this appointment is explained by the predominance on the market sverhdorogim club format, the audience is traditionally indifferent to the availability of residence.

“[The club format housing] often building or show up in the result of reconstruction in the historical centre of the city. Quite often they are former apartment houses (…), who in the market of non-residential buildings, — explained in the materials of the company. For the high-end market, especially for the format of club houses, the status of the property is not determinative in the purchase, here its share is traditionally high.”

The share of apartments in the upper price segment of the luxury market, according to Capital Group, by may of 2019 was 73 percent, in the more democratic segment of the figure reached 77 percent.

Apartment property, designed for permanent residence, but legally relevant to non-residential premises of various types of destination (hospitality, office and the like). One of the consequences of such status apartments is the inability to place them in a permanent record.

In March, 2019 on the current superiority of the elite of the capital proposals in favor of the property reported by analysts “best new Building” — then, according to them, the proportion of the format has reached 57 percent.

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