Olympic champion laughed at defending the temple in Yekaterinburg MMA fighters


www.vsyako.net Egor Mekhontsev Photo: Vladimir Baranov / RIA Novosti

Russian boxer Egor Mekhontsev commented on the participation of soldiers of the Academy “Russian copper company” (RMK) in the protest action near the Yekaterinburg drama Theater. The full interview is available in the YouTube channel of journalist Alexander Lyutikova, “let me interrupt you”.

35-year-old Mekhontsev made contact with Buttercup while in the Park, where it is planned the construction of the temple, opposed by local residents. The athlete stressed that I do not see sense to participate in the meetings of the Academy of RMK, which was the fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Ivan Shtyrkov.

The boxer is believed to interact with the protesters, policemen, and athletes is unnecessary and detrimental to their reputation.

Mekhontsev with humor reacted to the version according to which soldiers are called to restore the fence in the Park. Boxer noted that he will now know where to look for responsive people, ready to help in any situation. The evidence that the soldiers allegedly threw at the protesters putting out cigarettes cigarettes he also commented in a joking manner: “I think it’s indecent. Before you throw a cigarette butt, it must be put out. Otherwise it is a violation of fire safety rules”.

May 13, fighters Academy RMK arrived at the square where the planned construction of the Church of St. Catherine. According to Shtyrkov, athletes did not use force, but only helped with the restoration of the fallen fence.

Mekhontsev, Olympic champion in 2012. He was twice European champion and once world champion. In professional Boxing he has 13 wins and one draw.

Mass protests against the construction of the Church of St. Catherine on the square near Sverdlovsk drama theater in the center of Yekaterinburg began on Monday, may 13, and continued the next day.
According to on may 16, police arrested the 21 participants of the protest action a day earlier it was reported about the 26 of the detainees.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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