Rebutted a popular theory on the evolution of man


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Scientists at University College London found that Neanderthals and modern humans diverged from the General line much later than expected — at least 800 thousand years ago. This is much earlier than previous estimates show, based on the results of the DNA analysis. About it reported in a press release on

The researchers studied the rate of evolution of teeth from ancient hominids from the cave of SIMA de Los Huesos (Spain), which are the probable ancestors of the Neanderthals. The age of the remains reaches 430 million years making them the oldest known.

It turned out that changes in the shape of the teeth was fast, if you accept the fact that Neanderthals separated from the branch of human evolution 300-500 thousand years ago. However, the teeth evolyutsioniruet with very similar speed all hominids.

According to scientists, if the rate of development of the teeth in people in the cave SIM is the same as that of other hominids, they had to evolve over a longer period of time.

In February it was reported that an international group of scientists found that the mysterious traces left by ancient man about 30 thousand years ago in Gibraltar, probably belongs to the Neanderthal. The results of the study indicate that this species of the genus Homo disappeared later, than was considered before.

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